Baby 5 : Muezza Putra

GC/GP/DW Lagenda Muezza Putra

We have always wanted to name one of our cats “Muezza” so when we saw this little classic brown and white tabby who is different from the first two as he has more white fur than the others, we immediately knew that he was going to be our Muezza.

Since he was born, Muezza has always been the biggest in the litter. Nevertheless, despite his size, he is very flexible and is also a joy to hold in your arms. He loves to be cuddled and looked soooo angelic, as though butter will not melt in his mouth or the equivalent saying/proverb in Malay “Pijak semut pun tak mati”. Nevertheless, despite the angelic looks, he is the leader of the pack and (I believe) is also the biggest bully (when he thinks you are not looking (ergo the Malay proverb), he will play rough with the other kittens).

Status : Staying

Muezza @ Day 0 : 9 November 2011, 145g

Muezza @ 3 days, 200g

Muezza @ 7 days, 280g

Muezza @ 14 days, 405g

Muezza @ 28 days, 630g

Muezza @ 8 weeks, 1200g

Muezza @ 12 weeks, 2220g

Muezza @ 16 weeks, 2680g

2 Responses to Baby 5 : Muezza Putra

  1. Muezza at two weeks old! Sooooooo cute !

  2. Jumkhairi says:

    I wish i can have one…

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