News Archived – 2013

(Updated 31 December 2013)

30 November 2013 : 4 ring AB CFA Cat Show, Pearl Point Shopping Mall

2 & 3 November 2013 : Royal Canin Siam Cat Show #6 by SCFC (2 days 6 ring show)

5 October 2013 : Equilibrio 2nd CFA Mini Cat Show, South City Plaza

29 September 2013 : We fielded Muezza from Litter A, Iftar from Litter B and Raina from Litter C at the 2-Rings Nature’s Protection CFA Show which was held at Mydin USJ. Happy to note that all three Lagenda brown and white cats finaled at Irina Kharchenkos’ ring and came home as 5th (Premiership), 5th (Championship) and 8th (Premiership) cats respectively. A very happy Mama 🙂

From left : PR Lagenda Cempaka Raina Putri, GC/GP Lagenda Muezza Putra and CH Lagenda Iftar Putra.

16 September 2013 : I was between two realms when my mum called around 8am. I spoke to her, sleepily telling her about the show and trying to shake off my drowsiness (rather nice to sleep in after a long day isn’t it?). When I put the phone down, I heard a meow from the sturdi. Instantly awake, I shook Sara awake while jumping off the bed. And yes Litter G has made their appearance at 65 days. There were five of them but one was stillborn. Congratulations Kandi and Iftar, you have two beautiful Red & White tabby boys and two equally cute Brown & White tabby girls. Photos of the newborn babies can be viewed here.

The Malaysia Day kittens (Litter G)

15 September 2013 : 1Malaysia CFA International Cat Show 2013. For this show, we also went overboard and fielded Putra, Ike, Tuksido, Iftar in Championship, Muezza and Raina in Premiership, little Elvira and Eskerina (had to pull out at last minute as she was not well) and Boboy in HHP category. LOL but there were too many cats and I did not enjoy the show as I’d like. Sigh, looks like we have to reduce to maybe 2 or 3 only. But overall it was ok. Muezza finaled in 3 out of 4 rings whereas Iftar managed to get the purple ribbon (best champion) and proceeded to get 3rd best longhair cat. Putra, my beautiful red and white baby boy (ok so he is the head honco now but as far as I am concerned, he is still that 8 months old baby that I fell in love with), he was picked as 4th Best of Breed (no ribbons ok) in Ed Maeda’s ring! So proud of you baby!

1236779_10201800075233909_609665227_n1 September 2013 : CFA International Division Awards Banquet 2013 – The Lagendas and the Saljus attended the dinner to collect our awards – 2nd Best of Colour – brown and white (Muezza) and Best of Colour – brown (Kanang) respectively. Very proud moment in our lives :), our very own first litter, obtaining his Grand Champion title at the tender age of 8 1/2 months in his first show as an adult and despite not being able to attend the last few shows of the season, able to maintain his 2nd Best in Colour standing behind the Best Maine Coon Cat in Asia Division for the season. We are absolutely proud of you Muezza!

31 August 2013 : 5 rings Asia International Award Cat Show 2013. We went overboard and entered Muezza, Raina, Addira, Boboy and all five kittens from Litter E plus our girl from Litter F. We did not do that badly, Muezza finalled in four of the five rings and surprised surprised, Raina was 3rd Best Longhair Premier in one ring, adding to her grand points. So proud of that girl!

29 & 30 August 2013 : We attended the CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School which was held in Pearl Hotel, Old Klang Road. Oh wow, it opened our eyes to other breeds and the judging programme. Really, really, really great talk given by Pam Jacobberger, Rick Hoskinson and Gary Veach. We hope that CFA will do another follow up lecture next year.

18 August 2013 : We attended the talk by Adilah Roose on “Attending a CFA Cat Show” organised by ACE. It was really fun and we learned a lot from her. We hope that ACE will organise another one as a follow up of this talk.

1075623_10201513974241563_1962239567_n27 & 28 July 2013 : CFCT’s 13th Thailand Cat Show, Bangkok. Again we travelled to Bangkok but this time we brought along only Muezza. He finalled in all rings (3, 4, 6, 3, 4, 6, 2, 6, 4 & 3). Ha ha ha, and I got lucky – I won a brand new Samsung Grand – Wow! Now have to learn how to use this new gadget 🙂

10 July 2013 : Ramadan is here!

6 & 7 July 2013 : PFF 3rd Int’l CFA Champion Cat Show (Bangkok). For this 12-ring show, we entered Ike (championship) and Muezza (premiership). Muezza finaled in all rings, and managed to grand on the first day so the second day he competed as a Grand Premier. He also received a Judge’s Award from Allan Davies and to top icing on the cake, he was one of the top five premiers selected for the Best of the Best award! Ok so he did not win the award, but one of the top five premiers? Oh wow!
Even though Ike did not final, he also performed better than expected as this was his first show abroad as an adult. Overall, we were thrilled and equally proud with the performance of both cats. More photos.

23 June 2013 : FIFe-KKM-Pet World International Cat Show, Midvalley, Megamall, KL. We fielded only Putra, Muezza and Tuksido for this show as the rest were not registered under FIFe/KKM. Suffice to say, Muezza came home with the Best Premier in Show. Very happy mum. 🙂 Link to photos here.

20 June 2013 : Raina left for her forever home. We hope that she will live happily ever after with her new mum and family. (sob sob, my baby left me…..)

9 June 2013 : Equilibrio International Cat Show 2013 – The Cat Lovers Show organised by Astaka Marketing & Services Sdn. Bhd and Hong Kong Shorthair Cat Club at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan, Selangor. For this mini show (and the first CFA show of the season for Malaysia), we entered Tuksido, Iftar and Addira for Championship, Muezza and Raina for Premiership and Boboy and Dusky under HHP category. It was the first time Muezza entered as a Premier and we were very nervous as one of the judges, Pam Delabar, was said to be one of the best maine coon judges around. Happily Muezza did not fail, he was placed no. 1 in her ring and was no. 2 in Michael Schleissner’s ring. Raina also made it in Michael’s ring at 9th place which was sweeter coz it was her also first show as an adult. Although only Muezza and Raina made the finals but we are happy with the rest, especially Iftar’s and Addira’s performance during the show. We also opened a booth under Qitta Catz which was quite fun because there were sooooo many new customers. :). See photos here.

26 May 2013 Ha ha ha, Sara and Muezza were featured in the local newspaper, Harian Metro (interviewed during the TICA show).


25 & 26 May 2013 Fabulous Felines 2nd International 6 rings All-Breed Championship Show, Kementerian Belia Sukan, Presint 4, Putrajaya. It was the first show of the new season and as this was also FF’s second show, we entered all our TICA registered cats ie Putra, Muezza, Tuksido and Boboy. Although the show was marred by poor management, we are proud that all the boys finaled and Boboy did very well indeed, coming home with Best HHP. 🙂 The judges were also very sporting despite the setback of the event. Full story here.

30 April 2013 : It is the end of the show session. Suffice to say, we are happy with the performance of our cats. We now have two Grand Champions and two Grand Premiers in our cattery. It is a wonderful feeling, being a newbie. Even though Muezza could not maintain his position as top Maine Coon in Malaysia (there’s no reward for this) but he was bested by another superb Maine Coon – Arena Kanang Anak Langkau of Salju Cattery. At Asia Division level, Kanang was fourth place whereas Muezza was at fifth place in the maine coon breed category. But the good news is that he is the Second Best in Colour for the Asia Division, which is a great accomplishment for a newbie. Maybe we will do better in the next season with the new system under CFA – who knows?

Kuching27 & 28 April 2013 : The 5th Cat City CFA International Cat Show, Kuching, Sarawak – We brought along Putra, Tuksido, Iftar, Addira, Electra, Bianca and Addy to the show. Unfortunately Muezza had to be left home as he has not recovered from a scratching accident. But we are proud to say that Putra, Electra and Addy came home as Grands! So absolutely happy! So now, we have two Grand Champions and two Grand Premiers in the house. Story here.

KL_GF-623 - reduced-00120 & 21 April 2013 : The Malaysia 2013 Finale Cat Show, Sri Petaling Hotel, KL – we entered Putra, Tuksido, Iftar, Addira and Boboy for the show. We had to leave Muezza home coz he had scratched himself silly and the scars had not healed yet. Mastura also entered Addy so in total, there were 6 of them. Boboy was our saviour, he came home with the Highest Scoring HHP rosette – mummy is very, very proud of you! Full story here.

27 March 2013 : Litter F, from the union of Sasha and Tuksido, finally arrived – all nine of them! Read about them here.

Litter F

10 March 2013 : Litter E is finally here. Photos can be viewed here.

1 February 2013 : We have embarked on a new voyage, my daughter has just opened her first cat boutique – Qitta Catz provides grooming and spa services, limited exclusive boarding and also have cat items for sale. Brands carried by the shop includes Royal Canin, LV Prime Blue, Brit Care, Sheba, Fancy Feast Royale, Qiut, Iv San Bernard, Chris Christensen, Groomers Goop, Tulipspet, PetAg, KMR, 4Life and Hagen products. Coming soon are products from Jerob, Biogroom and (hopefully) Sturdi. Visit us at the Qitta Catz website for more details. More photos

6 January 2013 : The year kicked off with KKM’s International Cat Show at SACC Mall. Of course we entered most of the boys and also Litter B and surprise, surprise, both Addira and Iftar were awarded the Best In Variety in their colour class by the judge – wow am a very, very proud mum! 

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