Baby 2 : Shah Putra

Lagenda Shah Putra

This classic brown and white tabby was given the name Shah Putra to complement Adi Putra. “Shah” means King or refuge of the world and we hope that he will grow up to be a King or a Grand Champion or even better.

Initially, we had difficulty telling Addy and Shah apart as they had almost similar markings on their faces but as they grew older, Shah’s coat developed a warmer brown colour and his markings became more pronounce so it was easier to tell them apart. Furthermore, Addy had a black mark on his right hind leg which completely identifies him. Initially smaller than Addy, Shah had grown up to be slightly bigger than his older sibling, most likely due to having a better appetite than Addy. πŸ™‚

Shah Putra also has a sweet temperament but he is the most talkative of the litter. He will be the first to greet you in the morning and will be the most vocal if you are late with his meals. He will also try to find any opportunity to sit on your lap, calling you and snuggling up to you until you relented and let him on your lap. Once there, he will insist that you give him a rub until he falls asleep. πŸ™‚ soooo adorable!

Status : Sold. Shah Putra will be going to his new home in July 2012. Sigh, I am going to miss having him on my lap.

Update on 16 August 2012 :Β It is with a very heavy heart to inform that Shah has crossed over the rainbow bridge at the tender age of 9 months due to a bacterial infection. We have checked the rest of the litter and they have no signs of the infection. He was ill for a few days and when he did not get any better, the Saljus decided to bring him to Shah Alam to see our vet. Unfortunately, he died at the clinic. We would like to think that he waited until he saw us before he left, just to say goodbye. RIP Shah, I bet you are now driving all the angels in heaven nuts with your chatter. We miss you baby….. RIP.

Shah born on 9 November 2011 @ 115g

Shah @ 3 days, 180g

Shah @ 7 days, 245g

Shah @ 14 days, 345g

Shah @ 28 days, 540g

Shah @ 8 weeks, 1210g

Shah @ 12 weeks, 2072g

Shah @ 16 weeks, 2570g

2 Responses to Baby 2 : Shah Putra

  1. Dear my bestfriend Shah Putra,if i have a lots of $$. I will take you with me. Such a good boy,very well behave. πŸ™‚

  2. rmerican says:

    Shah Putra also says hello and when is Uncle Ejam coming over?

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