There are four females (plus 2 youngsters) in our breeding programme.


Born : 31 August 2010
Colour/Pattern : Brown Tabby and White, Classic
Sire : Dotcom Iniko (Silver Tabby and White)
Dam : Si*Multicoon Hosana (Black Smoke and White)

Citrus was an unexpected and unplanned addition to our family. She came home on 28 April 2011 at the age of almost 8 months. She is an adorable little girl but does not like to be held too long. She is rather talkative and will scold you if you are late with her meal. She is a very brave girl and would rather face her fears head on (she can be trembling with fright but will still hold her head high looking for the source of threat unlike Putra who will be shivering with his head under our arms).

We were not able to enter Citrus in the last CFA show in July 2011 with Putra as she was recovering from a fungul attack and she missed the December 2011 show as she was still nursing . However, we managed to finally enter Citrus at the Malaysia 2012 Finale Cat Show held on 14 April where she (obviously) obtained her Champion title. Although we are very, very proud of her, we have decided to retire her from the show halls to concentrate on our breeding programme.

To date, Citrus has produced four litters, Litter A (4 males and 1 female), Litter B (1 male and 1 female), Litter E (3 males and 2 females) and Litter I (1 male and 1 female) all with Putra. One of the boys from the first litter, Muezza had already achieved his Grand Champion title at the tender age of 8 1/2 months at his first entry as an adult. And in 2014, he achieved another milestone by getting his DW title. Another boy, Addy Putra from her first litter had also granded at his second entry as an adult during the 5th Malaysia Cat City International CFA Cat Show in Kuching, Sarawak on 27 and 28 April 2013. Both kittens from Litter B also managed to get Best in Variety at the KKM-FIFe International Show on 6 Jan 2013 – am very proud of them! And Iftar from Litter B and Elrond from Litter E also granded in one show in 2014.  The icing on the cake is when Tuksido from Litter A finally granded at Maha 2014 Show to give Citrus her fifth kitten to Grand and hence getting her DM title in the process! But still waiting of CFA to officially recognise her title.

Citrus’ Story



Born : 19 January 2010
Colour/Pattern : Brown Tabby Classic
Sire : CH Embellie Macheno of Purrsona (Brown Tabby)
Dam : Felis Wonder Kwai Faye (Black-White)

We would like to thank our friend, Norhayati Zakaria for giving us the opportunity to take care of this beautiful girl. She has a very sweet personality and loves to be cuddled.

The first attempt to mate Putra with Bianca was not successful but we are happy to note that she has delivered her first litter (Litter C) on 4 Oct 2012. There were seven babies but three were stillborn and unfortunately three more “faded” within the next two days. Fortunately, one survived and we hope that she will grow as beautiful as her mum.

[Update : Cempaka Raina Putri has now been rehomed and is currently being thoroughly spoilt by her new owner. Thanks Raveyah for taking care of my baby. :)]

Bianca was residing in Johor under a joint mating programme with Salju cattery. She successfully gave birth to four kittens but only one survived. He is the first kitten for Salju cattery and boy, I believe he is thoroughly loved and spoilt. Congrats Salju, I hope he will bring much honour to both our houses :). And the father is none other than Arena Kanang Anak Langkau, a superb looking brown tabby maine coon.

In 2014, Bianca again gave birth to Litter H from her union with Ike. Of two babies borned, only Hikayat survived. I was devastated as Bianca tends to have small litters and only one survived each time. Hopefully Hikayat will carry on Bianca’s line for us. We may mate her for the last and final time with one of the boys but we have decided to hold on first until we are ready to have more kittens :D.




67947_10152366774325529_1602678551_n-001Born : 29 April 2011
Colour/Pattern : Red Tabby-White
Sire : CH Jean Paul Gaultier Savagecoon
Dam : CH Bonfirecats Mizzuo of Zikhafri

Oh wow, I finally have a red-white female (my favourite colour)! Thanks ZMC for trusting us to take care of Sasha (as she is fondly called). This beautiful red-n-white girl was a dream come true for me, having a ZMC female in my favourite colour! She lives up to her nature, very possessive, sweet, territorial (no one can get on the bed when she is reigning there, thank you very much!).

Sasha delivered her litter of 9 (from her union with Tuksido) safely between 11.10pm on 26/3 upto around 4.00am on 27/3. [Yikes, which date should I use?] There’s four red and white and five brown patch/tortie. Unfortunately, during the first week, two faded away so we are now left with seven – three red and white and four brown patch/tortie. Unfortunately, four more left us in the following three weeks. Now there’s only one brown patch and two boys whose colour is still changing from red and white to maybe cameo and white or cream and white. Oh well, I will let the judges decide… 🙂

The two Litter F boys will be staying with us whilst the beautiful brown patch girl has been rehomed.

One of the boys developed very high fever and as a result, the nerves to his hind legs were damaged and he could not control his hind legs. The poor babe! He was very brave and refused any help from us as he wants to stand and walk on his own. Upon recovering from his fever, he still has problems walking. The other boy also was not spared tragedy, he had a bad ear infection and during one of the days when our regular vet was on leave and we had to seek help from another vet to clean his ears, the idiotic assistant tore his ear lobe! Wahhhh!!! He is a maine coon and his ears are supposed to stand tall!!!! NM, life must go on but it was a bitter pill to swallow, none of her kittens could be shown despite showing such promise. The one with the gumpy motor to the hind leg has beautiful coat colour. The ear of the second boy healed but has grown slightly crooked. The beautiful brown patch girl too was not spared, she had a kinked tail!

After a failed second attempt to mate her to Elrond, we managed to mate her to Elrond on 14 April 2014. Litter J arrived (9 of them!!!) on 15 June 2014 but only 8 survived the next few weeks despite trying our best to save J3. It was a crazy time for us, three litters within three weeks but thank goodness for that, we have three mums for all the babes, enabling them to share milk. A blessing in disguise 😀



Addira - ReducedBorn : 27 July 2012 (1st of Litter B of 2)
Colour/Pattern : Calico
Sire : GC Arena Lagenda Putra Coon (Red Tabby and White)
Dam : CH Multicoon (Brown Tabby and White)

She was the first of our Litter B and she was big! But she has grown up nicely and at her first show as a kitten at the FIFe show on 5 & 6 January 2013 at SACC Mall, she and her brother, Iftar, both got the Best in Variety award from the judge! So very proud!

At her first show as an adult at the Malaysia Finale CFA Show in April 2013, after being judged as a brown patched, we were told that she needs to be changed to Calico colour class as her black patch has no red colours at all. But we were told by another judge that it may not be so and have to watch her colour as she grows. Hmmmm…….Anyway, she came home with the CH title as a calico.

We entered her for the 5th Cat City International CFA Cat Show but on the second day we had to pull her out as she was not well. Never mind girl, maybe at the next show, you may collect enough points to grand, insyallah.







In order to improve our lines, we have managed to secure two more girls who joined us in 2014, all the way from the USA. Thanks to Joel and Camelle Chaney of Dewisplear Cattery.


Born : 19 September 2013Ariel

Colour/Pattern : Brown Patch Tabby White

Sire : GC BW NW Dewisplear Angel Time

Dam : GC BW Irishcoons Jessie Mayfair Dewisplear

We were lucky to be able to have Ariel. Due to a series of fortunate events for us, the original purchaser of Ariel did not honour the purchase. At the same time, we were in the midst of  negotiating for Intan Permata (our first mackerel in the Lagenda family!) and I had informed the Chaneys that if they have another one like Ariel (I saw her with Intan in a video that Camelle sent over), I wouldn’t mind adopting. We were really lucky coz our daughter Sara was going to the USA in early 2014 so was able to pick both of them up – very very very happy). She has a very sweet temperament this gorgeous girl of mine and hopefully, one day, she will be able to produce kittens that would make us proud.

View photos of Ariel here.




Born : 12 November 2013Intan
Colour/Pattern : Brown Mackerel and White
Sire : GC RW Dewisplear Julien Mayfair
Dam : Irishcoons Partylite of Dewisplear

Our very first Mackerel patterned maine coon! And she is a beauty too. Active and full of fun. She loves to be carried the spoilt little girl!

Photos of Intan can be viewed here.


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