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After having been a breeder for only a short while (since 2011), I have received my fair share of queries for maine coons from prospective owners. Some were serious cat lovers, some just want to add to their breeding programme, some wants to buy for their father, mother, daughter, son, niece, grandparents, grand children and so on and so forth. Some were nice, some were sarcastic and some were downright rude. So to avoid any misunderstanding, I wrote this page so that you, the potential “adopters” of Lagenda kittens, would know what to expect from me and would know what I need from you.

So please read the following basic rules first :

  1. The Lagenda kittens will be offered for sale when they reach 16 weeks or older.
  2. Lagenda kittens will be re-homed after they have completed their vaccination and have been altered (neutered or spayed). Intact kittens will only be offered on case to case basis and only to Show houses.
  3. Our kittens will leave us when they are 20 weeks old or later and will come with their own health record, pet passport, be micro-chipped and also the CFA certificate.
  4. The Lagenda kittens are to be kept indoors only and should only be allowed to go outdoors accompanied by the owner.
  5. We encourage you to show the kittens/cats at CFA licensed shows or equivalent at least once before retiring.
  6. The kittens/cats are considered on hold upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit and after we are satisfied with your capability in taking care of the kittens/cats.
  7. Should for any reason whatsoever we find that the kitten is not fit to be placed with you, we have the right to either refund the deposit or provide a replacement.
  8. We do not permit our kittens to be declawed.
  9. If you cannot keep your Lagenda kittens/cats for any reason, we will assist in re-homing the babies as we do not want any Lagenda kittens/cats to end up being dumped or needlessly euthanised.

If you are still interested in taking care of a Lagenda cat/kitten, please email the following information to either or to including your choice of colour and sex of cat:

  1. Your full name & mobile contact number
  2. Where do you work and what are your working hours?
  3. Do you travel outside town regularly ie outstation locally or abroad? Who will look after the cat when you are away?
  4. How many people are in your household? 
  5. Are you married? Do you have any children and how old are they?
  6. How do you plan to keep the cat? In a room or cage or free to roam inside or outside? Please note that our cats are indoor cats.
  7. Do you have a vet near your house?
  8. Do you have any other pets staying with you? How many?
  9. Do you have a website or facebook page? Can you provide the link?
  10. Do you plan to show your cat?
  11. Preferred choice of colour of cat
  12. Preferred sex of cat

The above questionnaire would enable us to gauge whether you have the time to take care of the kittens/cats as it is a full time job, just like taking care of children.

Please remember that the Lagenda cats are all treated like family so we will scrutinize all potential “adopters”.

We will not respond to anonymous emails.

Please take time to read about the CFA Maine Coon Breed standard here.

14 Responses to Read this first

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  2. Aunty Minkynna says:

    Very happy with your rules. Putting kittens interest ahead of anything else as a responsible cat lover would do. Thanx n thumbs up to Lagenda Cattery.

  3. zuhir says:

    Salam auntie rowina auntie interested nk beli pedigree maine coon lagi sbb sy nk jual breeding pair mc sy.. Male line arena fml line pusaka rimba…sy nk jual sbb nk import fml line luar.. Ni no hp sy 012-7610758 (zul)

  4. Nizal says:

    Harga utk maine coon berapa..? Do email me for price…

  5. Iman says:

    Salam auntie Rowina,

    I’m Iman from Shah Alam. My family and myself are looking for pedigree mainecoon and I believe i’ve come to the right place. Is there by any chance we could meet up and probably share with us on the litters that are available? I’ve been looking up the page for your contact number but I couldn’t find, therefore could you give me a call? 0197918291.. Thanks auntie Rowina. Hope to hear from you soon.


  6. adib says:

    salam auntie rowina,
    berminat nak memiliki mainecoon.. how bout the price? cari2 juga tp x jumpa 🙂

  7. Kamil Rohman says:

    I’m looking to welcome a Maine Coon kitten to my home as a present for my mum. Do e-mail at or whatsapp to 018-2040277 for price. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  8. wan muhammad fauzi says:

    Looking for a male maine coon kitten under 6 months old. Is he available?

  9. tri says:

    Intrested to buy pure mainecoon cat or nowert forest cat 0105377735..reply me asap..i want female

  10. firdaus says:

    Salam …nama saya firdaus ..we meet kat ur cat show kat south city plaza .

  11. Anis says:

    Hi, are maine coon kittens available in the next future? I was wondering if I could buy one to keep as a companion.

    • rmerican says:

      Salam Anis. We are expecting a litter next week but we normally have to evaluate their progress first. Kittens are normally rehomed after they have been fully vaccinated. Would appreciate if you could email me at the answers to our questionnaire under the “Read this first” page on the website for potential owners of our beloved cats.

  12. Faisal bin Haji Mohammad says:

    Ok..done reading the t& c. Totally agreed & understand..

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