Yaeko Takano presenting Putra with his 2nd Best Longhair Champion and his 3rd Best Overall Champion ribbons

Yaeko Takano presenting Putra with his 2nd Best Longhair Champion and his 3rd Best Overall Champion ribbons, 2011

Hello and welcome. We are a small hobby based cattery located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. We breed maine coons for quality and not quantity and since early 2015, we have started to breed Norwegian Forest Cats as well also for quality and not quantity. Our cattery is registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).

Please view our basic rules first if you are interested to have a Lagenda kitten.

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As of January 2016, Lagenda team has expanded their cattery to include Norwegian Forest Cats. Please click on the NFO link to view our cats (yet to be updated).

Our finest achievement - receiving Muezza's trophy for being 3rd Best Cat in Premiership (Malaysia)

Our finest achievement – receiving Muezza’s trophy for being 3rd Best Cat in Premiership (Malaysia) for season 2013/2014. Our first DW title!

Show season 2014/2015 ended with a bit of a drama for us as we did not expect any Divisional Awards since we did not campaign as we did not have any suitable adults. But our kitten Lagenda Jedi Bon Bon Putra (Litter J) from the union of GC Lagenda Elrond Shah Putra and Zikhafri Haley Arusha of Lagenda came home at the last minute with a DW under Kitten Category. Oh WOW!

As of end of the show season 2015/2016, we have achieved our target of getting 10 of our kittens granded under CFA to enable us to achieve the Cattery of Distinction Award (Tier 1). Another milestone for the Lagenda Cattery. Our cats that have granded in alphabetical order :

  1. GP Lagenda Addy Putra (Litter A = Putra x Citrus)
  2. GP Lagenda Bahtera Iftar Putra (Litter B = Putra x Citrus)
  3. GP Lagenda Cempaka Raina Putri (Litter C = Putra x Bianca – our first female grand)
  4. GC Lagenda Elrond Shah Putra (Litter E = Putra x Citrus)
  5. GP Lagenda Jedi Merah Putra (Litter J = Elrond x Sasha – the boy who made it as the 10th grand!)
  6. GC DW Lagenda Kashmir Kencana Putra (Litter K = Ike & Addira Putri)
  7. GP Lagenda Kashmir Kesatria Putra (Litter K = Ike & Addira Putri)
  8. GP DW Lagenda Kashmir Pahlawan Putra (Litter K = Ike & Addira Putri)
  9. GC GP DW Lagenda Muezza Putra (Litter A = Putra x Citrus – our first DW)
  10. GP Lagenda Tuksido Putra (Litter A = Putra x Citrus)

Thank you my darlings Putra, Citrus, Bianca, Ike, Sasha, Elrond and Addira Putri for producing such nice kittens. And thank you to the breeders from Arena Cattery (Putra), Multicoon Catttery (Citrus), Embellie Cattery (Bianca) and Zikhafri Cattery (Ike & Sasha) for entrusting us with your precious babies.

For any queries regarding our maine coons or norwegian forest cats, you may contact us at rmerican1@gmail.com. And please note that we treat our cats as family.



5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Gwenny Saw says:

    Please contact me when you have a new litter of Norwegian Forest kittens. I would like to purchase one in the future. Thank you.

    I would also like to ask if they adapt well in our hot climate as they originated from such a cold country.

    • rmerican says:

      Greetings Gwenny Saw. Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we are no longer breeding nfos. FYI, similarly to our maine coons, the nfos we have at home stays in an air-conditioned room. And to maintain their coat, all our long haired cats are groomed regularly at least once a month to ensure that they stay healthy. And we provide them with a healthy diet consisting of all day dry kibbles and wet food (canned food or boiled chicken or raw meat) served every other day. We try to vary their diet so they do not get bored with the same food daily. I hope that answers your question. Good luck in finding your ideal cat.

  2. Hafizol Bahar says:

    Hi… Ada nak jual adult male maine coon tak? Not neutered… Jika ada boleh whatapps saya di 0126465800

    • rmerican says:

      Salam Hafizol. Thank you for your enquiry. As part of our process to evaluate suitability of anyone to adopt our kittens, we would appreciate if you could email your answers to our questionnaire as post under the “Read This First” page. Please email to rmerican@yahoo.com or you can whatsapp me at 0192661620. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Hayati says:

    Do you have hypoallergenic cat breed? Really2 need to find one.
    Please reply me as soon as possible 🙂

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