Litter H

Union between Ike and Bianca.


There were initially two beautiful babies, both brown and whites. On the fourth day, both of them opened their eyes for the first time. Baby A said hi and went back to sleep. Baby B also opened his eyes but decided he did not like what he saw and the next day decided to cross the rainbow bridge. Sigh…. I wished it was otherwise as Bianca tends to have small litters and only one survived each litter.

So here’s sharing some pictures of them on the first day of their lives :

Edit 20140313_074457 Edit 20140313_075026 Edit 20140313_075537 Edit 20140313_150021 Edit 20140313_150045 Edit 20140313_155232

This is Bianca’s third litter and Ike’s first (surviving) litter. Bianca’s first litter (Litter C), Raina, is now a Grand Premier and happily terrorising and bullying her mistress. Her second litter, Albus, was with Salju cattery, is now happily lapping up favours in the Johor palace (big grin) and now Baby A from Litter H of Lagenda. Ike was mated to Addira but she lost the babies so this is technically Ike’s first litter.

So introducing Lagenda Hikayat Hercules Putra (definitely staying home) :

edit 20140412_002624




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