Litter A

Union between Putra and Citrus. Born on 9 November 2011.

Lagenda Litter A @ 12 days old

Lagenda Litter A @ 28 days old

Lagenda Litter A @ 12 weeks

Photos of each kittens at various stages can be viewed by following the links below:

1. Classic brown tabby and white
2. Classic brown tabby and white
3. Tortie and white
4. Black and white
5. Classic brown tabby and white
* Notes on status :
a. On hold – someone is interested but you can still enquire
b. Reserve – someone has confirmed, pending payment
c. Sold – new owner has made payment, pending transfer
d. Staying – not for sale

All kittens will be ready for their new home by end of March 2012 after they have had their final vaccination and is deemed fit and healthy by the vet. They will be neutered or spayed before re-homing. We will only sell intact kittens on case to case basis.

Email any queries to Thank you.

6 Responses to Litter A

  1. kiwiejam says:

    Cant wait for the three months old pictures!!!

  2. mastura says:

    Salam/ hi, i’m interested with ur baby the one in picture no.2. once u open for sale, how much is your offer? I’m working wit maybank.normal shift.staying with my mum is a h.wife.we do have 5 officially our own cat n 6 more r stray cat.whr they hang around at our home.we do have medical card from vet for their record. Kindly reply my text to u.. 😉

  3. I wish the three of them will be in a good hand Aunty Roowina. 🙂

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  5. Jasmine Ng says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a Coon kitten as a family pet. We had 2 mix breed persians who has passed on a few years ago. Both were nuetered so there were no kittens. Now we have a very pampered nuetered female tabby. We would prefer a male with good temperament who likes to be carried or hugged. Please let me know how much is the estimated cost and the next arrival of your kittens so that we can budget for it. Thank you.

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