Baby 3 : Mega Ciku Jr of Ciku-Kiwi

Mega Ciku Jr of Ciku-Kiwi

Mega is the only girl in this first litter and as the name suggests, she will be leaving home to stay with Ciku-Kiwi Cattery. This tortie and white girl has a similar character to all our girls in the house, they do not like to be held or cuddled too long and will struggle to get out of your grasp, unless you know how to hold them. We have had experienced with her mother Citrus and her “aunty” Pearl so it was easy for us to hold her but not so easy if you are not familiar.

Being the only girl, she has to defend her “turf” from the boys and oh boy, the boys can be rough especially when it is chow time. Nevertheless this small girl has earn their respects and the boys NORMALLY give way to her (probably to get out of her claws – LOL).

Status : Mega has left for her new home on 8 April 2012

Mega @ Day 0 : 9 November 2011, 105g

Mega @ 3 days, 160g

Mega @ 7 days, 225g

Mega @ 14 days, 315g

Mega @ 28 days, 490g

Mega @ 8 weeks, 1050g

Mega @ 12 weeks, 1652g

Mega @ 16 weeks, 2100g

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