Baby 4 : Tuksido Putra

Lagenda Tuksido Putra

We initially had difficulty naming this black and white boy. We’ve tried names such as “Midnight”, “Senandung Malam”, “Purnama” etc but finally settled for Tuksido Putra.

Tuks, as he is fondly called, is a very mild mannered and good natured boy. He will be the first at the dinner table and he loves to lay down next to you on the bed. He will cling to your arm (no claws thank you very much) as he falls asleep just like a child holding on to his pillow or favourite blanket.

Like all the males in this litter, Tuks loves to be cuddled and does not mind being carried all over the place.

Status : Staying. We have grown too attached to him to let him go.

Tuksido @ 9 November 2011, 130g

Tuksido @ 3 days, 205g

Tuksido @ 7 days, 260g

Tuksido @ 14 days, 360g

Tuksido @ 28 days, 550g

Tuksido @ 8 weeks, 1305g

Tuksido @ 12 weeks, 2155g

Tuksido @ 16 weeks, 2665g

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