Litter D

IMG_0776 - Putra-001     IMG_0908 - Kandi-001

Union between Putra and Kandi. Litter D arrived on 11 December 2012, right on time. Of the six, two were still borned and three more faded away within two days. So only one red boy survived. We hope that he will inherit his mother’s beautiful temperament.

So introducing Lagenda Darius Damak Putra :


Kandi with her first litter on day 1


The only survivor : Day 01


Blissfully unaware of his surroundings…. 🙂


Red baby – our Damak



Damak @ day 25

IMG_2930 (2)

Damak @ day 25


Damak @ day 25 – I am hungwy

IMAG0177 IMAG0178

1. Classic Red Tabby
* Notes on status :
a. On hold – someone is interested but you can still enquire
b. Reserve – someone has confirmed, pending payment
c. Sold – new owner has made payment, pending transfer
d. Staying – not for sale

He will be ready for his new home by end of May 2013 after he has had his final vaccination and is deemed fit and healthy by the vet. He will be neutered before re-homing. We will only sell intact kittens on case to case basis.

Email any queries to Thank you.

2 Responses to Litter D

  1. Caroline van Es-Schiffelers says:


    We are a Dutch family with 2 children and we are looking for a Maine Coon kitten (male). We have a dog (Golden Retriever 3,5 years old) and 2 other cats (5 & 7 years old). Unfortunately our sweet cat “Ollie” of 18 years old recently died and now we would like to find a sweet Maine Coon cat. I saw your website with these lovely pictures of the last litter of December, are there any male kittens still available ?

    Hope to hear from you soon and best regards,

    Caroline & Christiaan van Es-Schiffelers

  2. Ming Sien says:

    Hi, I recently adopted 3 days old abandon kitten. Now she is 4+ months, very lively and playful. I happen to come across Coon breed and amazed with its calm and loyal behavior, which i think it would be suitable to be a good playmate for my little kitty and new family member in the family.

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