Baby 1 : Addy Putra

Lagenda Addy Putra

Being the first born, we decided to name him Addy Putra. The Malay word “Adi” or “Ady” means “first born” whereas the word “Putra” means “Prince” or “boy”. The name “Addy” also means “awe-inspiring; noble” and is a short form for Adam.

This classic brown and white tabby boy has a sweet personality and is a pleasure to hold. He will sit quietly on your lap and purr contently especially if you stroke him.

Status : Addy has left for his new home on 17 April 2011.

Update on 18/6/12 : Addy entered his first ever show as a Junior since leaving home at the recent KKM-FIFe International Cat Show held in conjunction with the Petworld Malaysia 2012 on 17/6/12. Although he did not win any ribbons, he did well in the ring, playing with the judge.

Addy @ Day 0 : 9 November 2011, 130g

Addy @ Day 3, 200g

Addy @ 7 days old, 245g

Addy @ 14 days old, 365g

Addy @ 28 days, 565g

Addy @ 8 weeks, 1195g

Addy @ 12 weeks, 1960g

Addy @ 16 weeks, 2460g

2 Responses to Baby 1 : Addy Putra

  1. Oh my god… I miss you badly boy. 🙂

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