The following are good source of information regarding the feline world and our responsibility as the companion to our beloved fur-kids :

  1. The Cat Fanciers’ Association
  2. The International Cat Association
  3. The Fédération Internationale Féline
  4. The Cat Fanciers’ Federation
  5. Winn Foundation
  6. Maine Coon Cat CFA Breed Council
  7. Animal DNA Laboratory

Malaysian Maine Coon Breeders :

If you want to follow my (mis)adventures in the feline world, please visit my blog.

The following list are some of the friendly maine coon breeders in Malaysia that I have personally met and have assisted me in my quest to become a reputable maine coon breeder :

  1. Arena Cattery (Wan Jahara and Norhayati Zakaria)
  2. Zikhafri Cattery (Hairri and Afza)
  3. Felis Wonder (Jimmy and Nancy)
  4. Coonsphere Cattery (Ejay Glorious)
  5. Pusakarimba Cattery (Shafi and Yussry)
  6. KoHun Cattery (FuiYau Yap)
  7. Salju Cattery (Aida and Shafiq)
  8. Tycoonkatz Cattery (Maya)
  9. Tiggercoon Cattery (Shaheed)
 Note : If I have not added you in this list, please feel free to contact me at 

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