Litter J

Union between GP Lagenda Elrond Shah Putra and CH Zikhafri Haley Arusha of Lagenda, which arrived on 15 June 2014, produced 9 kittens of which only 1 did not make it. The eight are happily playing and making life miserable for their human caretakers – they could not keep still for an official photo which was only taken on 28 Dec 2014 when they are already about 6 months old. Click their names to see their photos :

J1 : Lagenda Jedi Merah Putra, Male (Rehomed)

J2 : Lagenda Jade Expresso Putri, Female (Available)

J3 : RIP

J4 : Lagenda Jade Frappe Putri, Female (8.7.2018 RIP baby girl)

J5 : Lagenda Kaffe Bon Bon Putra, Male (Available)

J6 : Lagenda Hazelnut Latte Putra, Male (Available)

J7 : Lagenda Jedi Blaze Macchiato Putra, Male (Rehomed)

J8 : Lagenda Caphe Sua Da Putra, Male (Rehomed)

J9 : Lagenda Jade Aiskaffee Putri, Female (Available)

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